Non NHS Fees

General Letters / Forms / Examinations
Short Letter (one paragraph) £25.00
More Complex Letter (more than one paragraph) £35.00
Private Sick Note / Prescription £20.00
ALL Types of Claim Forms (eg.Private insurance, Holiday cancellation etc) £48.00
Medical Examination (eg. HGV / Pilot / Sports / Taxi etc) £120.00
Passport / Driving licence Application £30.00
Shotgun Licence renewal form £48.00
Character Reference £42.00
GP Fitness Declaration (eg. Fit for the gym, to fly etc) £30.00
Blue Badge Form £12.00
Freedom from Infection / Student Course Forms £36.00
Freedom from Infection / Student Course (Signature Only) £15.00
Power of Attorney (Witnessing Only) £42.00
Power of Attorney (Examination and Certificate) £120.00
Court Exemption £42.00
Seat Belt Exemption £20.00
Medical Examination to join Medical Professional Registers £120.00
DWP Medical Report £40.20
DVLA Medical Report £48.00
DVLA Medical Examination £102.00
GP Report (Short) £65.00
GP Report (Full) £104.00
GP Report (Further Information – Must have had a full report initially to qualify) £30.00
Insurance Examination £150.00
COP3 for solicitors £80.00
Cremation Fee £78.50
Notification of Infectious Disease £3.69
MOD Medical Report £78.00
Pre- Employment Medical Examination £150.00
Pre- Employment Medical Report £103.20
Post Employment Medical Report £85.00
Medical Research Questionnaire (Drug Company) £51.00
Patient Fitness to Participate in Medical Trials £50.00
Participation in Clinical Trials £267.60
Blood Tests
Private Blood Test £30.00
Paternity Test £48.00
Private Flu Vaccine (for Patients not in the ‘at risk’ categories) £20.00
Access to records
To view your own medical notes or read a report paid for by a third party £10.00
Fostering / Adoption
Initial Health Reference £48.00
Foster Carer / Adoption Application Report £71.55
Foster Carer / Adoption Medical Examination £73.86
Medical Assessment of Child £97.91
Childminder Health Declaration Form £114.00