The surgery will be closed from 12.30-6.30pm for Protected Learning Time on Thursday 16th May 2024. Please call the main surgery number on 01926 612232 for details on how to access any medical requirements during this closure. We will re-open as usual on Friday 17th May 2024.    

If you need urgent medical attention or an emergency supply of medication, please call  NHS 111.

Non NHS Fees

Blood Tests
Private Blood Test£30.00
Paternity Test£48.00
Fostering / Adoption
Initial Health Reference£48.00
Foster Carer / Adoption Application Report£71.55
Foster Carer / Adoption Medical Examination£73.86
Medical Assessment of Child£97.91
Childminder Health Declaration Form£114.00
General Letters / Forms / Examinations
Short Letter (one paragraph)£25.00
More Complex Letter (more than one paragraph)£35.00
Private Sick Note / Prescription£20.00
ALL Types of Claim Forms (eg.Private insurance, Holiday cancellation etc)£48.00
Medical Examination (eg. HGV / Pilot / Sports / Taxi etc)£120.00
Passport / Driving licence Application£30.00
Shotgun Licence renewal form£48.00
Character Reference£42.00
GP Fitness Declaration (eg. Fit for the gym, to fly etc)£30.00
Blue Badge Form£12.00
Freedom from Infection / Student Course Forms£36.00
Freedom from Infection / Student Course (Signature Only)£15.00
Power of Attorney (Witnessing Only)£42.00
Power of Attorney (Examination and Certificate)£120.00
Court Exemption£42.00
Seat Belt Exemption£20.00
Medical Examination to join Medical Professional Registers£120.00
DWP Medical Report£40.20
DVLA Medical Report£48.00
DVLA Medical Examination£102.00
GP Report (Short)£65.00
GP Report (Full)£104.00
GP Report (Further Information – Must have had a full report initially to qualify)£30.00
Insurance Examination£150.00
COP3 for solicitors£80.00
Cremation Fee£78.50
Notification of Infectious Disease£3.69
MOD Medical Report£78.00
Pre- Employment Medical Examination£150.00
Pre- Employment Medical Report£103.20
Post Employment Medical Report£85.00
Medical Research Questionnaire (Drug Company)£51.00
Patient Fitness to Participate in Medical Trials£50.00
Participation in Clinical Trials£267.60
Private Flu Vaccine (for Patients not in the ‘at risk’ categories)£20.00
Access to records
To view your own medical notes or read a report paid for by a third party£10.00